Smooth handover of sales and project management

After 49 years of professional career, our Director of Sales, Kurt Kneip, approaches his retirement. He held this position with BILORA now for more than 20 years, contributing decisively to the positive development of our company. He always was and still is the representative of the interests and requirements of our customers, where he enjoys great trust and respect as a competent and pleasant contact partner

Andreas Götze was selected as his capable and qualified successor. His initial apprenticeship as a process mechanic for processing of plastics was later on leading him to a graduate engineer in the special field of production technology with good knowledge of commercial matters. During his professional career, he was able to make use of and intensify his knowledge in plastic processing. Among others, topics like quality- and project management are familiar to him.

At the moment, Andreas Götze is working in the team of Kurt Kneip in order to receive a comprehensive training-on-the-job which is above all orientated to the special requirements and expectations of our customers. This stage will be carried out with great diligence to avoid the loss of specific knowledge and information before he will finally take over this job completely.

Kurt Kneip would like to thank all of our customers for the very good and trustful cooperation during this long period of time. As soon as circumstances are permitting to do so, he and Andreas Götze will pay you a personal visit.