We provide you with a service which goes the extra mile

Extensive experiences and technical know-how makes us the leading company in polymer processing. SERVICE is at the forefront of our thinking. We offer you the widest support in all production areas, in the organisation and logistics of your projects, through to final production runs.

Synthetics consultation

We can provide you with the most up to date information on the latest developments in synthetics and their properties and uses. Working together with you, we can find the most appropriate material for your products. Please feel free to use our synthetics consultation service.

multi-component technology

We have extensive experience in the creation of hard/soft components (2K-production).


Cost and weight optimizing as well as extending lifetime and quality improvement are the main reasons for a substitution. We will advise you on which particular parts a substitution would be suitable, substantial savings in time and cost can be achieved.

CAD Support

We are willing to take over your data and are more than happy to work together with you and your design and construction office whilst offering complete confidentiality.

Tool Manufacturing

It is one thing to choose the right material, the right form of processing is another. Because we build tools inhouse, we can guarantee shorter production times and optimal processing and guarantee confidentiality.

Printing Service

Our own printing department is capable of even the most complicated printing jobs. We print using both contact- and screen print process. Our paint shop enhances our printing capability even further.

Assembling Service

Our dedicated and highly trained workforce is available to assemble all parts for you. This also includes all necessary lubrications and other specialties. For certain assembling jobs we can also work on fully automatic assembling machines.


We can provide our costumers with specific packaging units.

Shipment Service

The finished products will be delivered to you how and when you wish. A vast variety of packaging and shipment will guarantee 100 % customer satisfaction.