We provide you with a service which goes the extra mile

Extensive experience and technical know-how make us a reliable partner in the field of plastic processing in injection molding. SERVICE is really important for us. We offer you comprehensive support in all stages of production, in the organization and logistics of your project.

Synthetics consultation

We provide you with the most up-to-date information on the latest developments in technical plastics, their properties and applications. By working together with you, we can find the ideal raw material for your product. Please feel free to contact us regarding this service.

Multi-component technology

We dispose of extensive experience in combining hard and soft components (multi-component injection molding) as well as combining metal and plastic ( hybrid parts ).


Cutting down weight and costs as well as extending product lifetime and improving quality are the main reasons for  substitution. We can advise you which particular parts could be suitable, leading to substancial savings in production time and cost.

CAD Support

We are geared up to receive and process your data and gladly would co-operate with your R+D department. Complete and full confidentiality will – of course – be guaranteed.

Mold Manufacturing

Our in-house tool shop will provide the ideal combination with our consulting service. Fast, reliable and precise processing of your data leading into a high-precision mold making without interference will lead to the final, desired product maintaining confidentiality.


Our in-house printing shop can cope even with the most complicating printing jobs.We can offer both pad- and screen printing services, also multi-colour printing.

Assembling Service

Our dedicated and highly trained team is ready to assemble a large variety of parts for you. This also includes jobs like lubrication, glueing or similar. Depending on the details of your job, we could also include semi- or fully automated assembly technologies.


Different packaging methods, units and instructions will be strictly adhered to.

Shipping service

Finished products will be delivered exactly according to your specifications and exactly on time, leading to 100% customer satisfaction.